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The Key To Learn a Foreign Language

I was reading some quotes this morning and I've decided to write this post to you.

There are many posts online telling us the dos and don'ts to learn a foreign language effectively. But, I'll tell you the truth, there's no magic in that. We have to have devotion, commitment, attachment, whatever word you would like to apply in this case, which means "want".

I speak 4 languages. That wasn't by either chance or luck. It implies a lot of training, memorization, usage of the language. We have to do a lot of exercises in order to apply the rules, watch movies with no subtitles, read either books or news to learn new words for us to use when we talk to a foreigner. Even so, we take the risk of making mistakes.

Everyone is able to learn a different language and be fluent as well. There is nothing to do with intelligence. It doesn't mean I'm more intelligent than others who speak one or two languages. It's a matter of practicing. The more you speak the better your communication gets. The more you read the better your speech turns. So far so good.

You have to manage your time to study the language you want to learn. Nowadays, due to pandemics and more and more people doing home office, it's hard to find some time for our practice. But, if you don't schedule it in your calendar as if it were an appointment, something you can't postpone, you will never succeed in finding time to study.

Remember: You have to have commitment, then fluency comes naturally.

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