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The Key To Learn a Foreign Language

I was reading some quotes this morning and I've decided to write this post to you.

There are many posts online telling us the dos and don'ts of learning a foreign language effectively. But, I'll tell you the truth, there's no magic in that. We have to have dedication, commitment, attachment, whatever word you would like to apply in this case, which means "really want".

I speak 4 languages. That wasn't by either chance or luck. It was because I dedicated myself to studying. I had to work as well as study, so I used to schedule 30 minutes a day to focus on my learnings mainly my difficulties to the point that I could overcome them.

Some students come to me and say "I don't want either to read or to write, I just want to speak", but I'll tell you one thing, it's impossible to really become fluent without one of the 4 skills. You need vocabulary, you need sentence structure, and you need to learn how native people think for you to build your communication. In short, you need the four skills - listening, reading, writing, speaking - to become fluent.

We have a large number of language courses on Internet. Some of them say you'll learn the language sleeping, others say you will learn and become fluent through training platforms. Believe me, there's no miracle. Have you ever met anyone who learned a language sleeping? I haven't so far. In order to learn a language you have to practice the 4 skills mentioned above.

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