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Shortage of Chip in the US. Is It Dangerous?

This piece of news was published on May 2, 2021 on CBS 60 MIN Show

People, according to the news, 25 years ago, the United States produced 37% of the world's semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. Today, that number has declined to just 12%.

What does that mean?

Perhaps, it means Asia has been taking over many segments, have you noticed that?

"Intel is the biggest American chipmaker. Its most advanced fabrication plant, or fab for short, is located outside Phoenix, Arizona. Intel's goal is to keep shrinking the transistors' size, so you can pile more of them on a chip to make it more powerful and work faster."

"Chips differ in size and sophistication depending on their end-use. Intel doesn't presently make many chips for the auto-sector but because of the shortage it's planning to reconfigure some of its fabs to start churning them out."

In my point of view, we should be more careful in terms of outsourcing. I keep thinking to what extent shall we hire others to act in our production line.

If I were you, I would watch this piece of news. You can click here.

That's a disk of chips

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