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Is our data protected?

Definitely not, according to 60 Minutes from CBS.

This is not the first time I read news on how our data has been used without either our approval or awareness.

Our face can be scanned on streets and our social profile can be hacked into by companies in order to sell us their products. In this case, I mean, products we have neither intention nor need to buy.

Our lives are thoroughly dependent on internet. We can't figure out living with no access to it. In other words, banking accounts, investments, e-tails, e-commerce, e-mails are part of our daily routine, mainly, at this moment of pandemics.

We have raised an "e-life", and now how we could get rid of it. I believe there's no way out there.

They say, "Targets have included hospitals and municipalities, but the FBI says anyone on the internet should expect to be attacked by cybercriminals."

Based on that statement, I keep thinking to myself whether I should go back to "paper era". I was so happy at that time, but I wasn't aware of it.

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